About Safe Harbors Business Travel

The Safe Harbors Business Travel Mission.

You will find that with Safe Harbors Business Travel, a “mission statement” isn’t just some corporate identity filler we drag out and dust off to fill space on our website. We actually believe it and adhere to it. Our staff operates under it. Our mission is our raison d'être and our very real philosophy. We employ it every day in staff meetings, client and employee reviews, business development and the numerous areas of service we provide.

We mean it, and it is this:

Safe Harbors Business Travel’s mission is to provide the highest quality level of service to our travel clients and to maintain this level of service through laser focus on our clients’ needs.

Since 1985, Safe Harbors Business Travel has effectively served at the pleasure of a diverse range of client companies, organizations and individuals throughout the world.

Our longevity and success is due in no small part to consistently providing the lowest domestic and international airfares and related travel services through our buying power, experience and knowledge of the travel industry.

For over 30 years, Safe Harbors Business Travel has enjoyed remarkable, economically beneficial service relationships with its clients. Our staff of highly-trained and experienced travel experts is at your service to facilitate travel for you and your employees efficiently, safely, on time and within your fiscal expectations.

Safe Harbors Business Travel adheres to the impeccable standards of client service developed by the Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center and selectively offered through its Journey to Service Excellence program. The Journey to Service Excellence program includes the strategies and concepts that
“produce a sustainable culture of service excellence at The Ritz-Carlton.”

Safe Harbors senior-level employees in key management and supervisory roles have participated in this defining program. Accordingly, its curriculum is now at the core of Safe Harbors Business Travel’s internal comprehensive training structure, the expectations we have for every employee, and our culture.

Safe Harbors Business Travel can become your virtual travel department.

Imagine, seamless inter-company communications demonstrated by the development of full profile access of those of your employees you entrust to us.

We understand and adhere to how you require them to fly, where they have to be, and when, and which level of accommodations and travel they warrant. This, followed by clear but comprehensive accounting and invoicing that is delivered timely and when you require.

We mentioned buying power. We can back it up.

Safe Harbors Business Travel, LLC. is a member of the Travel Leaders Group and a branch of the Tzell Travel Group, with over $20 billion in annual travel revenue.

This means we bring you advantages such as Travel Leaders’ ability to provide multinational service delivered through Safe Harbors Business Travel, for you.

Technology. People. Service.

Safe Harbors Business Travel invests extensively in the latest travel technology and remarkable people who know how to maximize its performance. We realize that service to clients is a dynamic combination of both.

We can also provide your company or organization direct access to powerful online travel booking tools such as Concur -- direct access that provides your employees with instant communications to us, wherever they are. You maintain a virtual feed to the information you need.

Client Relationships

We are talking about your people. Your employees, and moving them from one part of the world to another. Safely. It is easy to take the remarkable advances in travel for granted, but we do not. Each flight, each trip, is critically important to your business and the people you are sending to represent it. Safe Harbors Business Travel has understood this for 30 years, and it is front-of-mind with us for every passage we arrange.

Our cultivation of the client relationship extends beyond your actual travelers because it has to. We understand the importance of reasonable and efficient connectivity with your CFO or accounting department, internal travel managers and/or human resources department. We can best serve you by knowing what your company’s and employees’ needs and limitations are. We learn, adopt and respect the company travel profile we develop of you and for you. No two of our clients have the same requirements or thresholds, and we don’t expect them to. We adapt our service to your rules.

The Safe Harbors Business Travel Staff

That we have enjoyed the stability of some staff members remaining with us for decades speaks as much about their ability to serve diverse clients as it does to their ability to adapt to the tremendous changes that have taken places in the travel industry.

Like travel itself, the intricacies of the travel industry never stop moving. Our staff knows where it is and where it is headed, both as an industry and with respect to all of the moving parts that comprise how it can affect our clients: airlines and airfares, fees and restrictions, schedules and safety, hotels and car rentals, everything. This is experience you ultimately feel and see as we work with you. It is demonstrated through our prowess in securing you the most advantageous rates for the timely and reliable travel you require. As a client, you will come to appreciate our staff as much as we do. Learn More About Us

Our Vendors: The Companies We Keep

Safe Harbors Business Travel takes its relationships with its vendors very seriously. Our experience, buying power and knowledge of the travel industry enables us to align with only those supporting companies who share our service mission and business ethic. We employ strict standards to which we require full adherence, and we are pleased to work with companies that understand and respect such compliance. To you, many of our vendor relationships may seem invisible. But trust that our oversight of them on a daily basis is anything but.

Consider the benefits of becoming a Safe Harbors Business Travel client. You may contact us at 877.860.8112.