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Airline Travel Tips

Whether you enjoy flying, tolerate it or rank it along the lines of a root canal, travel is often a business necessity. As remarkably advanced as airline travel has become, a trip to anywhere can leave you without a sense of control. Here are some travel tips along with resources to help give you the upper hand.

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International Travel Tips

Leaving the United States means leaving behind a number of customs and conditions you are used to. You are the guest of any country you visit, and you should enjoy your time there. But you should also plan to follow their laws and travel regulations and restrictions.

Here is what you need to know.
Preventing Lost Luggage Tips

Do not live a lost luggage horror story. They are not only scary, they are expensive, inconvenient and can affect your trip in ways you might not imagine. Worse, losing your luggage can subject you to identity fraud and threats to your privacy. Seriously.

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Hotel Travel Tips

Your hotel or motel is your home base while you’re not home. There are ways to help insure that it is comfortable, accommodating and safe.

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Taxi Travel Tips

There is often a certain feeling of liberation when visiting a city and not having to drive through it. For those times, leave it to a local: taxis. Taxi drivers can offer information on their cities beyond what you might find elsewhere -- even websites, guidebooks and your concierge. Take advantage of this, but be cautious.

Here is what you need to know.
Walking Travel Tips

Walking is a great way to learn more about the cities you’re visiting. It’s also about the least expensive way to get around. But every city has areas best avoided, so do some homework online and ask your hotel concierge or front desk clerk, diplomatically, where this might be. If you ever feel tired, ill or unsafe, try to get to a business, hotel or taxi for assistance.

Here is what you need to know.

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