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For: Company CFO and Finance Executives

Business travel is one of an organization’s largest manageable expenses. In addition to the actual travel services we provide, we offer our clients comprehensive accounting and reporting information on every trip, employee and related expense. Many companies and organizations find themselves handling this tedious but necessary task themselves, so we developed our own internal tracking and reporting operations so that Safe Harbors Business Travel can do it for you.

  • Comprehensive and ongoing analysis to optimize travel and create savings.
  • Financial goals are established and compared using your real-time travel spend data and industry benchmarks.
  • Our travel consultants provide insight into travel analysis reports that helps identify additional savings opportunities.

Regardless of the size of your organization, our strong vendor relationships and buying power means extra bargaining power. Travel savings do not have to affect the quality of the travel, and we can prove it.

For: Human
Resource Managers

A company or organization is its people, and you provide the necessary oversight of those people. Your degree of involvement in your organization’s travel may vary, but we can develop the necessary reporting, tracking and care a human resources department requires.

Do you need a travel policy for your company organization, or do you need yours reviewed or updated? Safe Harbors Business Travel can assist you with further keeping travel and expenses in check by working with you in developing a travel policy that best works with your group.

For: Travel

Sure, travel manager may not be your title, but you share the responsibility of making travel at your company or organization happen. If your approach to arranging travel is checking multiple websites for the best fares, and then doing it all again for hotels, rental cars or anything else, Safe Harbors Business Travel offers a better way.

Our travel services are comprehensive, and they can be structured to your needs. Imagine being able to sit down, tap into the latest travel information through Safe Harbors and its partners, and immediately access unmatched travel options at the best prices available. It’s like nothing you’ve worked with before, and it’s how you should be arranging your travel. We can save you money, time, confusion and the doubt that you didn’t get the best flight, hotel or car at the best rates.

  • Powerful online booking, offline booking, concierge service or a combination.
  • Unmatched inventory availability and search to help find the best rate
  • 24/7/365 worldwide traveler assistance
  • Strategic approach to multinational needs with GlobalStar
  • Tremendous buying power and negotiated rates with most travel vendors
  • End-to-end expense management and reporting
  • Travel policy development and implementation

Immediate Response – 24/7/365

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Safe Harbors Business Travel client-centered immediate response system is a key component of our end-to-end travel services. As your corporate travel department, we are available every hour of every day of the year — 24/7/365.

As a Safe Harbors Business Travel corporate client, this means immediate responses to your requests, concerns or difficulties via voice mail or e-mail. Additionally, our trained staff is available after hours, no matter the day or time. We are committed to being there when you need us.

In addition to unprecedented availability, members of the Safe Harbors Business Travel team are trained and certified to know our clients’ businesses and and the travelers within them. We assist our customers in making informed travel decisions based on a broad view of their organization’s strategy, needs and policies.

Like any other business activity, travel is an investment. Safe Harbors Business Travel’s comprehensive end-to-end business travel management services encompass the entire travel process to deliver efficient and dependable travel at the lowest total cost.

If there is something your company specifically needs that you don’t see here, ask us. We know every group is different. We’ve been doing this for 30 years. Let us know what you need.

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Travel Policy

Develop a Travel Policy to Support Your Business Strategy At Safe Harbors, we know how critical buy-in is to the success of any corporate travel policy. Our business travel consultants have the experience and expertise you need. We know how to develop travel policies that are “win-wins” for your company’s travelers and your management. Our travel policies will support your company’s overall business strategy while keeping your corporate travelers content, too. We’ll help you create buyin and develop that critical support for the new travel policy, to ensure its successful implementation.

The Right Travel Policy: Key to Successful Business Travel Management A well-developed corporate travel policy is critical element to any successful travel management program. Safe Harbors travel consultants can help you create a travel policy that meets standard travel policy goals:

  • specific to your individual company needs
  • clearly outlining basic rules
  • approved by upper management
  • distributed to every employee who travels

To help you reach best practice benchmarks, your travel policy should recognize how employee productivity is a key driver to return-on-travel-investment. Safe Harbors can help you reach your goals. We’ll develop a travel policy that includes a framework for negotiating travel discounts, programming online booking systems and building expense and accountability reporting.


Additionally, Safe Harbors Business Travel offers:

  • Powerful online booking you can do yourself. We provide you access to the most robust travel information and booking interface available with unmatched inventory availability and our extensive buying power and negotiated rate for clients.
  • If you prefer exclusive agent-assisted booking, or in addition to our online booking, we can provide any combination you require.
  • Full concierge services are available. If you need something, ask us.
  • 24/7/365 worldwide traveler assistance
  • End-to-end expense management and reporting

And as you know, and despite everyone’s best efforts initially, travel can be unpredictable, become complicated and thwart every attempt to go to plan. What you need is our team of people to know where your people are -- and how to get them where they should be. We do that, every day, for our clients. It’s efficient, responsible and safe. It’s also our pleasure.