Welcome to 2018 and Beam Me to My Destination

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Welcome to 2018!

Imagine being in the Star Trek transporter room. Wouldn’t it be a dream come true to conduct business travel by simply “beaming” yourself to a meeting? We’re not there yet but technology is rapidly changing and is making its way into corporate travel. I’m proud to say Safe Harbors is a leader in travel technology development and will be making many announcements this year. Just to give you a sneak peak, expect to see a new and enhanced mobile application, and a user-friendly client facing meeting management product and yes, artificial intelligence is well on its way.

We could talk forever about technology but at the end of the day, everything we do comes down to people –some really good smart people at Safe Harbors. This is where I am most proud. The same people who help travelers make it to their business trips and return safely. The same people who have rerouted travelers multiple times around airlines strikes, civil strife, horrendous weather and countless other challenges. And, those who go to great lengths to provide company data oversight for spend controls and negotiating with suppliers.

As we enter 2018, we will be faced with new and old challenges. Airfares and hotel rates are expected to increase while car rentals should remain flat. Airlines will continue with their expansion of ancillary charges such as paying for seats and baggage while hotels follow the same game plan. We have found the best ways to address such fees is to maintain and build your preferred status and vendor negotiations executed and supported by Safe Harbors.

Of course, supporting the missions of clients like you make this all worthwhile. We value our relationship, and our mutual partnership drives successful travel programs. I wish you the best for a healthy and successful 2018 and maybe someday soon we will be able to “beam” to our next destination.

All the best in 2018!