Safe Harbors CEO and ASTA chairman featured as keynote speaker at opening ceremony of ASTA Destination EXPO 2018 in Athens

Safe Harbors CEO and ASTA chairman, Jay Ellenby, highlighted a list of featured travel advocate leaders who assisted in kicking off the 2018 ASTA Destination EXPO in Athens on Monday. Among other talking points, Ellenby emphasized the important effect of the ASTA conference on the relations between Greek and American tourism professionals. Click here to see the full article. 

Ellenby leads 2018 ASTA Destination EXPO in Athens boosting Greece travel to US agents

The American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) Destination EXPO 2018 kicked off this week in Athens. Leading the inaugural events was none other than Safe Harbors CEO and ASTA chairman, Jay Ellenby. Ellenby lauded Greece and its culture before the rather large audience of attending US travel agents, describing the country as incomparable to any other destination in the world.  Click here to see the full article and a video of Mr. Ellenby's speech. 

Jay Ellenby of Safe Harbors chairs The Harford County Chamber of Commerce 2017-2018 Board of Directors

Safe Harbors CEO Jay Ellenby has chaired the 2017-2018 Board of Directors for The Hartford County Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber selects members that will serve between 1-3 years and who are committed to developing, implementing, and fulfilling policy over each fiscal year. Ellenby, the incoming Chairman of the Board, is widely regarded for his role as President and CEO of Safe Harbors, one of the largest corporate travel agencies in the United States. Click here to read the full article. 




Safe Harbors CEO Jay Ellenby is adapting to technological advancements within travel industry

Safe Harbors CEO and chairman of the ASTA board, Jay Ellenby knows that technology has radically altered the way travel is purchased and the role agents play. On Mar. 4-5, many top travel agencies from across the US attended the American Society of Travel Agents’ Business Summit where Ellenby led a discussion about the industry's continuing technological developments like AI, Facebook Messenger and chatbots. Click here to read the entire article. 

Safe Harbors CEO Jay Ellenby leads formation of ASTA's new Technology Committee

Safe Harbor's CEO and ASTA chairmen Jay Ellenby recently announced that ASTA (American Society of Travel Agents) is forming a new technology committee.  The committee will monitor specific technological developments and their impact on the travel agents' future business. Ellenby cited Google and Amazon's increased involvement as exciting while adding, "We have to address it and how we will stay in front of it." Click here to see the article.

Safe Harbors CEO and chairman of ASTA compliments Vietnam's effort to boost tourism

Vietnam has boasted incredible growth as an international tourist destination, citing an increase in 30% since 2016. Ellenby has hailed the governments efforts to issue policies that have boosted the industry. The boom has led to a rapid surge in stock prices for many related companies. Click here to read the full article and learn more about the booms effect on the stock market.

Safe Harbors CEO talks out against Marriott commission cuts

Marriott has decided it will cut the commission of their group booking from 10% down to 7%, recently sparking outrage throughout the travel agent community. Marriott outlined the motive for the move as growing costs and decreasing revenues. Safe Harbors CEO, Jay Ellenby condemned Marriott's move, "It just sends a terrible message of, 'Ok, fine, we're going to pay you less for the same amount of service you do for your clients.'" Click here to read the full article

Ellenby goes above and beyond to serve the travel industry

In a recent article published by USA Today, Safe Harbors CEO Jay Ellenby is mentioned for his recent action against the newly proposed hotel tax in Maryland. When discussing his action Mr. Ellenby stated, "I spent many a day down in Annapolis testifying on three or four different occasions and meeting individually with representatives." Ellenby has insisted that the tax will not only hurt hotels but also the customers. Such action is just one example of how the role of the traditional travel agent has shifted, with agents expanding roles and increased responsibilities on behalf of their clients. Click here to see the full article. 

Safe Harbors CEO Jay Ellenby voices critical concern over travel agent labor shortage

Safe Harbors CEO is advocating in the news again. This time with, highlighting a concern about the lack of incoming labor within the travel agent industry. He is quoted during an interview on the trade show floor. , “agents are aging, and retiring, and we aren’t finding the large numbers of new agents to replace them." Click here to see the full article. 

Flight Disruption Startup Freebird Gathers Funding from General Catalyst and Accomplice

Freebird is a business-to-business startup whose predictive technology enables agents to sell smarter flight insurance and rebooking services. To keep costs low, Freebird leverages math to assess the risk of a disruption and to price the risk accordingly. Recent investments have brought the startup's funding up to 8.5 million dollars. Click here to read the article. leans on Safe Harbors CEO Ellenby for insight into what makes a great travel agent

Safe Harbors CEO Jay Ellenby knows the travel industry front, back, and in-between. As cited in an article posted on, Ellenby also knows what makes for a great travel agent. He is quoted, "Aside from the skillsets required (GDS, customer service, etc.), we look for those with a great and positive attitude first. We then look for those who are eager and hungry to learn while ultimately improving themselves professionally." Click here to see the entire article. 

Bel Air honors Safe Harbors Business Travel, Miranda Family Dentistry

The Town of Bel Air and the Bel Air Economic & Community Development Commission (ECDC) held its annual Business of the Year and Archer-Bull Design Awards banquet Nov. 12 at the Liriodendron Mansion, 502 W. Gordon St. in Bel Air. Safe Harbors Business Travel, at 126 S. Main St., took home top honors as the 2015 Business of the Year. Click here to see the full article.