Account Management

First, we develop a Business Travel Account Analysis on our time and our dime.

With it, we better understand your company, its travel needs and how we can accommodate them.

Second, we develop and adhere to a customized Travel Process that achieves your travel and budget goals. An important process. 

We don’t leave anything to chance.

Then, we execute and employ your End-to-End Audit Trail and Real-time Travel Scorecard. 

With this insight, your company can monitor travel policy, exception management, and provide any necessary, comprehensive reporting.

Need to Know: About the Account Analysis

In addition to extensive travel experience and expertise, key members of our staff are distinguished through strong business consulting backgrounds.

This institutional knowledge, beyond the travel industry, is critical and establishes Safe Harbors Business Travel solidly in a position to better understand the business of business.

Most importantly, we take the time to understand each client’s business goals and budgets – our comprehensive analysis includes both direct and indirect organizational costs.

The result is expert recommendations for the most effective travel strategy for your company. This will matter throughout our relationship.

Here is some of where we look and what we assess and address as necessary:

1. The Existing Process:

  • Is it Efficient?

  • Does the Workflow Work? Does it Make Sense?

  • Are You Working with Responsive and Responsible Vendors

2. Direct Expenses:

  • Airfare: Are You Getting the Best Flights and the Best Price?

  • Hotel: Can Our Relationships Help You Here?

  • Rental Cars: Booked and Ready. Handled.

  • Per Diems: How Can We Help?

  • Cancellation/Change Fees: Our Buying Power and Relationships Can Help.

3. Indirect Expenses:

  • Travel Time: Let’s Optimize Travel Time All of the Time.

  • Booking Time: Simplified and Slick: Booking Time, Quick.

  • Lack of Centralized Buying Power: Buy into Our Buying Power.

  • Travel Expense Reporting: Related Travel Expenses Reported to You.

  • Accountability: Consistently Demonstrated Cost-Efficient Travel

Need to Know: About the Travel Process

Safe Harbors Business Travel will create a simple, custom-tailored travel process for your company. At your disposal are our experienced, knowledgeable and industry-connected travel consultants and the systems that work behind the scenes.



Off-line Booking:

  • Call Us: Anytime, 24/7. We have Travel Counselor Availability

  • We will Access our Comprehensive Global Inventory/Content Systems

  • Expect an Automated Fare Search, Wait List and Seat Check

  • We will Ensure Travel Policy Enforcement

  • We are Your Advocate

Online Booking

This isn’t your grandfather’s online booking. No, Safe Harbors Business Travel will provide you with access to the latest, and easiest, in online booking capabilities. The benefits to you and your company? Less time finding the right flights at the best price, reduced paperwork and greater maneuverability with excess fees and change orders.


Get quick, centralized access to information on your unique travel program with Safe Harbors Business Travel’s customized online Travel Dashboard.

This information portal gives those who oversee travel at your company or organization, as well as each traveler, one easy interface from which to access any travel-related activity

  • Provides instant and comprehensive access to key travel information

  • Presents information on your internal travel policies

  • Provides easy access for everyone involved in your organization’s travel

  • Your Travel Dashboard is customized for your company or organization

  • Comprehensive one-stop access to all of the travel information you need

  • The Travel Dashboard is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • Your Travel Dashboard can be securely incorporated into your company’s intranet


A business can’t run without it. And as a client of Safe Harbors Business Travel, Travel Expense Reporting, Audit Trails and Travel Benchmarking becomes infinitely easier.

The effects of ever-tightening accounting rules, tax code changes and legislation such as Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) are impacting even mid-size, privately companies. Travel is often one of the largest controllable expenses. Unless kept in check, it also offers many opportunities for discrepancies. Accountability is crucial, and the days of operating without clear policies in place for spending and reporting travel are over. Safe Harbors can help your management closely track how much is being spent on travel and where it is being spent.


Many of the recent law and tax code changes require companies to implement an end to end audit trail. We have the know-how and technology to monitor travel policy, perform exception management and provide the comprehensive reporting needed to meet demanding documentation requirements.