Global Travel Management

Safe Harbors Global Travel Services

Easily manage your global travelers with access to our combined priority travel system.

If you're a company with global travelers, you should partner with a travel management company who can meet global travel needs. Safe Harbors has a network of 85 partner travel companies with over 3,500 offices spanning through 75 countries.

Within those offices, over 16,000 employees who are top-tier travel professionals who can always count on receiving:

  • Direct benefits of proactive globalization through conferences, media events, task forces, development of standards & process guides, and industry studies.

  • Diverse technologies based on the partner companies and regions, integrated into a powerful platform to support you.

  • Seamless integration of extensive categories of travel data. There is not a single cost, rental, fee or other travel expense that will go unnoticed.

With the help of our extensive worldwide partnerships, we provide the Duty of Care expertise for each global traveler.