Let Safe Harbors do the work of managing your corporate travel.

We'll handle every detail of your company's travel. We’ve been doing it for over 30 years, and are always up to date with what’s changing in the travel industry. We save our clients money with around the clock service and support.

Companies that handle their own travel are unlikely to get the best deals, negotiate supplier fees, and travelers are overall more likely to invest more time in booking corporate travel than necessary. 

Travel Expense Management

With the help of Concur, we make sure you have the controls you need to adhere to your corporate travel policy. Know your travel inside and out by always:

  • Ensuring company-wide compliance with your travel policy

  • Utilizing a pre-trip approval process

  • Audit rules pre-built into your access enforce corporate policies

  • Access to see a snapshot of your entire account

24/7 Employee Support 

Skip the hold-time.

Safe Harbors travel consultants are always available to assist with your bookings at any time of the day. Our service level agreements guarantee low wait times so you can focus on what really matters, your business.

Business Travel Management Tools

We compare the fares for you.

As a SAP Concur TMC Preferred Partner, you'll gain access to the lowest fares from every major travel website. Keep all of your important travel documents in one booking tool.


Corporate Travel Risk Management

We understand the moral and legal obligation of Duty of Care so you don't have to. Always have peace of mind about your traveler’s safety through our ability to 

  • Track employees throughout their trip.

  • Alert traveler about any changes, problems or emergencies.

  • Reach employees should circumstances require it.

  • Do everything possible to bring your employees home safely in the event of an emergency

Global Travel Management

If you're a company with global travelers, partnering with a travel management company who can handle global travel is imperative. Safe Harbors access over 3,500 offices spanning through 75 countries.

Within those offices, local support is there to assist global travelers with local currency transactions and anything else they may need while abroad.

Event Travel Management

When you have multiple people traveling to gather in one location, there are many factors that go into organizing the meeting. 

Our experienced meeting planners make your needs a priority, and pay careful attention to your detailed requirements. From local Board of Directors Meetings to full five-day conventions in Maui, our designated Meetings Specialists are there to help your business meeting succeed