Travel Policy

Develop a Travel Policy to Support Your Business Strategy

At Safe Harbors, we know how critical buy-in is to the success of any corporate travel policy. Our business travel consultants have the experience and expertise you need. We know how to develop travel policies that are “win-wins” for your company’s travelers and your management. Our travel policies will support your company’s overall business strategy while keeping your corporate travelers content, too. We’ll help you create buyin and develop that critical support for the new travel policy, to ensure its successful implementation.

The Right Travel Policy: Key to Successful Business Travel Management A well-developed corporate travel policy is critical element to any successful travel management program. Safe Harbors travel consultants can help you create a travel policy that meets standard travel policy goals:

  • specific to your individual company needs

  • clearly outlining basic rules

  • approved by upper management

  • distributed to every employee who travels

To help you reach best practice benchmarks, your travel policy should recognize how employee productivity is a key driver to return-on-travel-investment. Safe Harbors can help you reach your goals. We’ll develop a travel policy that includes a framework for negotiating travel discounts, programming online booking systems and building expense and accountability reporting.