Privacy Policy

SHBT Business Travel, LLC (SHBT) respects your privacy and is committed to complying with this Privacy Policy, which describes how SHBT, as a travel and meeting management company, collects and uses the personal data you provide to us. 

This Privacy Policy applies to SHBT services including websites and applications that display or link to this privacy policy.  Once you leave such websites and applications for others, the privacy policies of the other websites or applications shall apply.  As a user of our services, you understand and agree that we disclose the personal data you provide to us in order to make travel reservations at your request.  

SHBT does not operate outside the United States.  For travelers based in the European Union who may from time to time contact SHBT for reservations, you understand and agree that we disclose the personal data you provide to us to make travel reservations at your request.  

Multi-national customers using our partners should refer to the privacy policy of the partner in each country and as named in the local country agreement for services.  Compliance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by May 25, 2018 in its handling of personal data of persons in the European Economic Area is the responsibility of each partner. 

Data that we collect to make travel reservations includes: 

•    Name and contact information
•    Emergency contact information
•    Loyalty program numbers
•    Physical address
•    Citizenship
•    Passport information
•    Birthdate
•    Travel preferences (seat type, meals etc)
•    Payment data
•    Employee number 

If you provide or submit any personal data for other people in order for us to provide services, you represent that you have the authority to do so and we will treat such data the same as when the traveler provides the data.  

How does SHBT use personal data?

SHBT Travel collects and uses your personal data for specified, explicit, and legitimate purposes as described in this Privacy Policy and does not process your personal data further in a manner that is incompatible with those purposes.  

SHBT collects data by phone, fax, email, SMS, chat and web based profile systems.  Credit card numbers are never to be provided in email or text.  

SHBT uses your data generally for the following purposes:

•    Making travel reservations
•    Customer service provided related to reservations
•    Customize your web-experience when on our website (cookies)
•    Provide educational materials
•    Billing, collection, fraud prevention

Personal data collected is shared with or disclosed to:

•    SHBT partner agencies in other countries as required to book or assist with your trips
•    Third party suppliers you are using during your trip or are necessary to provide services during a disruption
•    Your company for reporting, tracking and otherwise to travel management services
•    Third parties we are required to share your data with to comply with local, state and federal laws

Third party data consolidation companies may also be used by SHBT or your company in the process of providing travel management services.  The privacy policy of any such company is not the responsibility of SHBT.  Our primary provider is Grasp and their privacy policy is available on their website. (insert here).  All customer companies are required to sign a Data Release Authorization to participate in SHBT multi-national data consolidation.    

SHBT may assign your data (including personal data) to any third party at our sole discretion in the event of a merger, liquidation or acquisition.  

Your personal data is stored in our dependent provider systems including the Global Distribution Systems and Concur Travel.  These companies publish their own privacy policy.  

Although we strive to protect your personal data, we do not warrant the security of any data and information that you transmit to us over the Internet and you do so at your own risk.  We will never ask you to disclose credit card or password information via email.  

SHBT keeps your personal data in an effort to provide services.  We may retain records to investigate or defend against potential legal claims.  We delete personal data when it is deemed no longer necessary.  

Our website or other communications may contain links to third party websites.  If you provide information to those websites, the privacy policy and terms of service on those websites are applicable.  Your device tracking settings may impact what websites collect from your device.  SHBT does not provide services related to advice in this regard.  

If you choose not to provide personal data we need to make a reservation then our services may be limited or not provided.  You can withdraw your consent at any time by notifying us in writing.  Where required by law or circumstance, a separate express consent for processing of your personal data may be required. 

If you have questions about the SHBT Privacy Policy, please contact Depending on your question, we may review the request with your company to assist in responding to your question.   If you believe your question is not answered in a satisfactory manner, you may have the right to make a complaint to the data protection authority in your country if one exists.  
SHBT reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time and we will post or note a revised date for your reference.  

At SHBT, as a travel company operating in the United States, we’ve always been in the practice of protecting personal data.  With new guidelines and laws coming into effect for travelers based outside the United States, we are publishing our policy on our website for the convenience of those who use or may use our services.  

This Privacy Policy is effective as of 25 May 2018.