Travel Managers

Sure, travel manager may not be your title, but you share the responsibility of making travel at your company or organization happen. If your approach to arranging travel is checking multiple websites for the best fares, and then doing it all again for hotels, rental cars or anything else, Safe Harbors Business Travel offers a better way.

Our travel services are comprehensive, and they can be structured to your needs. Imagine being able to sit down, tap into the latest travel information through Safe Harbors and its partners, and immediately access unmatched travel options at the best prices available. It’s like nothing you’ve worked with before, and it’s how you should be arranging your travel. We can save you money, time, confusion and the doubt that you didn’t get the best flight, hotel or car at the best rates. 

  • Powerful online booking, offline booking, concierge service or a combination.
  • Unmatched inventory availability and search to help find the best rate
  • 24/7/365 worldwide traveler assistance
  • Strategic approach to multinational needs with GlobalStar
  • Tremendous buying power and negotiated rates with most travel vendors
  • End-to-end expense management and reporting
  • Travel policy development and implementation