Hidden Costs to Your Company and the Efficiency of it All

So, you’re a business. And you have to send Joe on a sales trip. 

It might be natural to assume the costs for Joe’s trip are just: flight, hotel, car, and meals. But you’re a smart business, so you realize that that is not strictly true. 

Realistically, businesses also spend other employees’ time, and company money, on whoever booked Joe’s trip, the accounting and possibly the HR’s departments’ oversight of the trips and those expenses and anyone else who might be involved. Of course this is made worse by the opportunity costs related to the work the other employees could be doing—rather than being responsible for their role in Joe’s trip. 

Companies that handle their own travel are unlikely to get the best deals, negotiate through fees (and penalties) and are overall more likely to invest more time in booking Joe’s travel than necessary. 

This is where Safe Harbors Business Travel comes in. 

We handle every detail of corporate travel. We’ve been doing it for 30 years, and are always up to date with what’s changing in the travel industry. We save our clients money and our service is pretty spectacular. 


Online Booking Tools

As a SAP Concur TMC Preferred Partner, we’ve combined every major travel website into one online booking tool.

With our access, we invite you into our system and the ability to book travel online without having to compare fares, document purchases and helplessly navigate excessive fees and change orders. Tell us what you’re looking for when you book travel four your company, and we will set you up with the most efficient and cost-effective way to find it.

Offline Booking Tools

There are times, when faced with certain travel situations, only speaking with a person will do. 

Your Safe Harbors Business Travel’s Corporate Travel Team is trained to know our business and yours. One quick call to our corporate travel consultants, and your trip will be booked quickly and professionally. 

Travel Concierge Services

Whether your travel policy is more formal or simply understood by those in your company, Concur gives you the control you need to adhere to it. Concur ensures travel policies will be met:

  • Displays your preferred providers during the booking process

  • Ensures compliance with your T&E policy

  • Audit rules pre-built into your access enforce corporate policies

By searching inventories from multiple travel industry Global Distribution Systems, consolidator, and internet-only sources, and delivering robust online booking, reporting, and agency support, Concur makes the travel arrangement and procurement process, easy, and affordable.

Other features include:

  • Complex and international travel arrangements

  • Door-to-door ground transportation

  • (Specialty rental cars, limousines, taxis.)

  • In-transit accommodations

  • Restaurant reservations

  • Visa and passport expediting

  • Theater, concert and event tickets

  • Identify local attractions and entertainment

  • Plan and coordinate parties, receptions and gatherings