Travel Risk Management

Companies are responsible for their employees whenever they’re on the clock. Managing an employee’s well-being is easy when they're in an office down the hall, but how do you manage the risk of traveling employees?


For those who travel abroad, the risks are much different from those in the office.

Threats during overseas assignments include:

  • terrorism 

  • lawlessness

  • crime

  • political instability

  • infectious diseases

  • travel-related illness.

With Duty of Care now a moral and legal obligation to keep employees safe while on the road, it's important to follow all necessary guidelines. Employers are expected to be familiar with the threats and take steps to inform and prepare employees for those risks.


When you have multiple employees traveling at once, managing travel risks is a near impossible task without the help of a travel management company (TMC). 

We have the technology for you to always manage travel risks by

  • Tracking employees throughout their trip

  • Alerting employees about any pending changes, problems, or emergencies

  • Reaching your employees should circumstances require it

  • Doing everything possible to bring your employees home safely in the event of an emergency