Traveling Abroad: How to Speak the language

While many companies overseas are familiar with the English language, learning a few phrases of the native language does not hurt. Before traveling to a particular country or region brush up a little on words and greetings typically exchanged during business meetings. Speaking to clients and business partners in their native lingo can not only make a good impression but it can also strengthen the business relationship.

Learn the culture

There are different cultural rules when it comes to business. While some actions may or may not be considered acceptable in your home country, other countries may have different practices and customs. Some parts of the world find not finishing the food on your plate as a sign of disrespect, others may not require handshakes as a way to greet colleagues, and the list goes on. Do your best to learn best practices when interacting with individuals in a particular region of the world.

Communication is key

It is important to remain in constant communication with your point of contact when hosting a meeting overseas. Small details such as making sure there is a laptop or projector available to you are extremely crucial when planning abroad. While it may easy to gain access to your needs in meetings where you live, certain items such as additional laptops or power cords may not be as accessible in other regions. Also if you have a presentation to show during your meeting, make sure you have everything you will need to make sure your presentation runs smoothly.

Plan your trip

Find out ahead of time how long it takes to get from your hotel to your meeting. It is important to know weather conditions, traffic, and best modes of transportation so you can be prepared to get to your meeting on time.

Create an itinerary

Creating an agenda or itinerary ahead of time for your trip and for your meeting can ensure everything runs smoothly and you do not miss a beat. If you have multiple meetings lined up, having an itinerary can help you stay organized as you bounce from one gathering to the next. An agenda will also help you stay on time during your meetings and ensure you stay focused on the topics of discussion.

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