The 5 Best Airports in the World to Spend a Layover


Corporate travel management is not always easy. In fact, it’s a crucial balancing act, making sure that you find a cost-effective flight while doing right by the employees time and travel experience. The principle of corporate responsibility dictates that even as you emphasize efficiency, you have to take good care of your employees including their physical and mental well-being.This means booking direct flights direct flights when necessary. Business trips go much more smoothly if the professional can enter an airport, board a plane, and arrive at their destination without a layover.

This just simply isn’t always possible and when it happens, how can you ensure that the traveler has the best experience possible? How can you help your team stay productive and well-rested at the same time, even if that layover lasts for multiple hours? Thats where corporate travel management comes in.

Corporate travel partners help you, your employees, and your entire company approach business travel from a strategic angle and consider all angles of the travel at hand. For example, some airports are better prepared to help business travelers make the most of their extended time in the terminal. If a layover is inevitable, here are 5 of the best airports in the world to spend a layover.


We start with what might be the most famous airport in the world. Anyone familiar with Google’s playful corporate culture will feel immediately comfortable and at home at Changi Airport. The same general principles apply with the same goal: make travelers feel as relaxes as possible, and the benefits will be plentiful.
To achieve that goal, Changi offers what no other airport does. A large butterfly garden makes it easy to find your zen spot and refocus your senses. For the more playful travelers, a rooftop pool and 40-foot slide can get the adrenaline going. Free movie theaters add to the relaxation factor.

Of course, your team’s business and productivity needs don’t get shortchanged, either. More than 500 internet terminals serve even those who didn’t bring a computer; meanwhile, airport-wide free high-speed WiFi ensures a reliable connection. And of course, a number of business lounges in every terminal allow for the privacy you need to get the work done.


Not far behind Changi is Heathrow, an airport as famous for its foot and plane traffic as it is for its style. Terminal 5 is an especially important stop for business travelers; here, visitors can add to their travel wardrobe, or get their existing wardrobe ironed ahead of the final destination. Taking in some sights during a long layover is just as possible. An art gallery showcases works from British artists. For the culinary minded, more than 120 restaurants – ranging in taste and style from classic to modern – invite travelers to stay a while, enjoy the food, and take a rest.

When it’s time for work, we recommend the Plaza Premium Lounge. Located in Terminal 2, it offers private work rooms with complimentary snacks and beverages, along with sleeping pods. It even has a spa element, where a massage can reinvigorate tired limbs.


On lists of the world’s top airports, San Francisco usually places at or near the top of alternatives in the United States. As it turns out, there is a good reason for that. And it’s not just the fact that this facility is home to the only accredited airport art museum in the United States. In 2012, Airport Revenue News named San Francisco International Airport as having the world’s most unique amenities. Many of them are specifically designed with business travelers on layovers in mind. For instance, a free yoga studio in Terminal 2 is devoted to self-reflection, relaxation, and stretching.

And that’s not the only benefit. In addition to a variety of business lounges, San Francisco International Airport also offers showers to any travelers for only $15 at the Freshen Up! Store. Especially for cross-Pacific flights from the East Coast, it is the perfect airport for your team to relax on a long layover before the next step of their journey.


Excuse us for getting stereotypical: if you are just passing through central Europe, who could pass up a German beer? And where could German beer possibly be better than in Munich? With a layover at Munich International Airport, you can get exactly that. In fact, the famous Airbräu restaurant offers an onsite brewery, beer garden, and a number of on-tap beverages. Especially Terminal 2 gets consistently recognized as one of the best in the world for business travelers. Here, you can rent individual sleeping pods, complete with iPhone and USB ports for charging and connectivity purposes. Of course, free high-speed WiFi is also available.

The benefits don’t end there. Free surfing in summer and ice skating in winter are sure to keep your travelers entertained, no matter how long the layover. A mini golf course in the terminal also keeps business travelers relaxed and entertained.


The readers of USA Today named Dallas/Fort Worth the single best U.S. airport for a layover. There’s a reason for that. The largest American Airlines hub in the country also offers a number of benefits and advantages for business travelers. Free WiFi is only the beginning. To relax your muscles and increase your focus, a yoga room and designated walking path are both ideal. For true rest, minute suites allow for some private nap time, work space, or entertainment at $42 per hour. Meanwhile, local artists have displayed their sculptures and paintings throughout the airport. And of course, more than 120 restaurants range from casual cuisine to high-style dining in order to offer options for every taste.

Corporate travel management helps you get strategic in your booking processes.Each of these airports make long layovers a pleasant experience. If you have to schedule break time into your organization’s travel plans, why not make it as smooth as possible? Whether the flight goes through Munich or San Francisco, that’s exactly what you can achieve.

Of course, planning the right layover is only a very small part any corporate travel management strategy. Booking the right flights, implementing a consistent travel policy, and managing every aspect of your team’s travels are what it all comes down to. Corporate travel management partners take this responsibility, optimizing employee travel and reducing travel costs for your entire organization. Let us know how we can help you improve your organizational travel while saving your company money.