How to Stay Active While Traveling

Constant travel, excessive business meetings, and eating out a lot can make it hard to maintain a healthy diet and physical regimen. Here are a few tips for working out while on the go.

Pack for physical fitness

When checking items off your pack list, make sure a pair of sneakers and workout gear is included in your luggage. Just having a few items of comfortable clothing that are easy to move around in can make a difference.

Fine the closest gym

Most hotels or even air bnbs have access to a gym. You can also search for local ones in the area you are visiting. While many of them require a membership, they often run promotional opportunities for you to check the place out without paying a dime.

Stay active

You don’t have to go to the gym to be active. You can go for a walk outside, do workouts in your hotel room, or even do your best to keep moving doing regular tasks. Take the steps instead of the elevator or walk while you are talking on the phone instead of sitting down.

Suggest new meeting arrangements

Try suggesting healthier restaurants for meetings over lunch or dinner. If appropriate, opt for holding meetings outside or on walks. Getting creative with your meetings can help keep them productive while keeping you in shape.