Understanding the Importance of a Travel Risk Plan for Employees

1) Avoid Legal Risks

Failure to keep implement a safety protocol and strategy for employees to implement in the event of an emergency can lead to a lawsuit and other legal battles. It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure employees are properly trained and protected before traveling.

2) Aide in Medical Emergencies

Part of implementing a travel risk management plan is learning about employees pre-existing medical conditions and health care coverage available in the destination of interest. By equipping your employees with the proper resources for a healthy trip, such as where to go in case of a medical emergency, how to prevent one etc. you can reduce their risk for suffering from a major medical emergency

3) Find Your Employees Quicker During a Crisis

By implementing a travel risk management plan you can instruct employees where to meet, who to go to, and how to contact someone from the company. With proper tools you can even track employees to find them and make sure they are safe.

4) Protect Your Employees

At Safe Harbors Business Travel we believe in the safety of all of our clients. While we understand you can not prevent every emergency or crisis happening during business travel, a travel risk management plan will help prevent your employees from encountering danger and will allow you them to receive the help they need should they come face to face with a crisis.

Contact one of our expert consultants to discuss how you can properly implement a travel risk management plan with your company.