4 Invaluable Tips to Sidestep Jet Lag Once and For All

If you are currently the acting travel manager for your company, your job consists of more than just booking business trip flights and hotel rooms. You’re not just pre-arranging a place for a traveling team member to sit and sleep, you’re crafting an experience. An experience that must not only be productive but also somewhat enjoyable for your employees and their work team.

6 Practical Tips to Balance Fun and Productivity during Corporate Travel

Traveling for business; you either love it or you hate it. Much of that depends on your life’s circumstances… whether or not you have a family, and whether or not you can get over tight airplanes and strange hotels and still explore new locations. Put differently, a new parent of two probably won’t enjoy having to leave them behind nearly as much as a middle-aged professional whose kids have moved out...

Welcome to 2018 and Beam Me to My Destination

Imagine being in the Star Trek transporter room. Wouldn’t it be a dream come true to conduct business travel by simply “beaming” yourself to a meeting? We’re not there yet but technology is rapidly changing and is making its way into corporate travel. I’m proud to say Safe Harbors is a leader in travel technology development and will be making many announcements this year. Just to give you a sneak peak...

The Compelling Security Benefits of Corporate Travel Management

Even in everyday corporate travel, a centralized system and unit that can help to manage every trip can be immensely beneficial. Better scheduling, monetary benefits, and other advantages become evident when compared to the individualized, non-linear system many businesses use in managing their travel.